Issue 1- Summer 2013: Welcome to the inaugural issue!

Image-Brains Thinking

We spoke to sector leaders across Canada before launching this publication. These conversations led us straight to the heart of this publication — addressing pragmatic issues that are of pressing concern to those working in senior management positions in Canada’s charitable sector. If you are an Executive Director, President, CEO, CFO, Vice President or other senior officer, this publication is for you.

Each issue will have a theme that addresses the practical needs of Canadian charities. Our first theme — “Fundraising Costs” — is one that is clearly on the mind of sector leaders as they address the major concerns of their key stakeholders including donors, board members, volunteers, media and other constituents. Our aim is to approach each theme or issue from a variety of different perspectives. In this issue, we’ll discuss why fundraising costs should or should not be considered a key metric in the performance measurement of your organization. More practically, we will address how to discuss these issues with some of your immediate stakeholders.

Above all else, Mackenzie Strategic Philanthropy is intended to be practical, functional and matter-of-fact. We want you to take these learnings and apply them in your daily conversations. I would greatly appreciate your feedback so we can make future issues of this publication as helpful as possible.