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Issue 2 – Fall 2013: Letter from Brad Offman

We are absolutely thrilled to be sending you the SECOND ISSUE of Mackenzie Strategic Philanthropy. Each issue has a theme that addresses the practical needs of Canadian charities. In this issue, we examine the significant human resource issues facing the…

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Issue 2 – Fall 2013: Tips for taming turnover

Within the next four years, more than half of Canada’s nonprofit executive directors say they will leave their current position. (HR Council, Staffing Trends in Canadian Charities, 2012, June 2013) Yikes! With numbers like that, it’s no wonder we need to be talking more…

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Issue 2 – Fall 2013: Coherent strategy is the first casualty of high turnover

A long-term history of staff turnover in a charity’s fundraising department is debilitating. Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) President & CEO Andrew Watt sees three trends among charities worldwide, but particularly in North America: 1. Very few charities can change…

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Issue 2 – Fall 2013: Supporters and staff turnover

Gifts may drag, work often lags So far in the charitable sector, there has been much more research on how turnover affects charities and individual professionals than on how it affects key supporters. But both supporters and professional staff acknowledge that…

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