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Issue 1- Summer 2013: Welcome to the inaugural issue!

We spoke to sector leaders across canada before launching this publication. These conversations led us to straight to the heart of this publication – addressing pragmatic issues that are of pressing concern to those working in senior management positions in canada’s charitable sector. If you are an Executive Director, President, CEO, CFO, Vice President or other senior officer, this publication is for you.

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Issue 1- Summer 2013: When do costs matter? It depends

“There simply are NO reliable guidelines about how much it should cost to raise a dollar – no matter what the self-appointed charity watchdogs might tell you.” That’s Mal Warwick talking, after a lifetime spent helping charities all over the world with digital and multi-channel fundraising.

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Tap coins

Issue 1- Summer 2013: Cut ratio to build mission spending

At Charity Intelligence, we often hear donors ask, “What are their fundraising costs?” In most cases the answer is, “They are fine. Now let’s talk about what really matters in analyzing a charity,” and we move on to discuss how the charity…

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Speech Bubble

Issue 1- Summer 2013: Straight talk with donors about fundraising costs

“We train everyone in the organization about the cost per dollar raised so they can speak to donors confidently“ That’s Ted Garrard of SickKids Foundation talking about how his team — all 150 of them — explains fundraising costs to…

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