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Issue 2 – Fall 2013: Short relationships shrink financial support

The Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation isn’t one of Canada’s largest corporate foundations. But we like to think that our relationship-based approach to granting is unique. Every Foundation volunteer (that is, every member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and its Employee Donations…

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Issue 2 – Fall 2013: Supporters and staff turnover

Gifts may drag, work often lags So far in the charitable sector, there has been much more research on how turnover affects charities and individual professionals than on how it affects key supporters. But both supporters and professional staff acknowledge that…

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Issue 1- Summer 2013: When boards talk fundraising

The conversational tone is changing in charity boardrooms across Canada. Whether exhorted by sector spokespeople or galvanized by superficial analysis and sensational reporting, fundraising leaders and board members are speaking out firmly and frankly about the connection between fundraising success and mission achievement….

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Speech Bubble

Issue 1- Summer 2013: Straight talk with donors about fundraising costs

“We train everyone in the organization about the cost per dollar raised so they can speak to donors confidently“ That’s Ted Garrard of SickKids Foundation talking about how his team — all 150 of them — explains fundraising costs to…

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