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Galas: a blessing or a bust?

Are galas a great way to schmooze with some key donors, attract new potential supporters, announce transformational gifts and celebrate your mission accomplishments? Or are they over-the-top time-suckers luring you into a vortex of ever-growing expense and glitzy competition with more…

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Issue 2 – Fall 2013: Stats & facts

  Sources: Donor-Centered Leadership, Penelope Burk, 2013 | Penelope Burk, Cygnus Applied Research | Sandra Paquette, SearchSmart

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Issue 1- Summer 2013: Canada’s charities deserve better

Canada’s charitable sector is perhaps our great country’s most valuable resource. it places human decency and kindness above all else. it is not surprising, then, that it has reacted to the recent focus on its cost structure with politeness, diplomacy and tact. The sector…

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