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Issue 1- Summer 2013: Welcome to the inaugural issue!

We spoke to sector leaders across canada before launching this publication. These conversations led us to straight to the heart of this publication – addressing pragmatic issues that are of pressing concern to those working in senior management positions in canada’s charitable sector. If you are an Executive Director, President, CEO, CFO, Vice President or other senior officer, this publication is for you.

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Issue 1- Summer 2013: Asking a bigger question

Government funding is neither totally sufficient nor equally distributed, giving rise to tremendous fundraising competition among charities. But is there political will to support long-term government funding for sustainability?

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Pulling Money

Issue 1- Summer 2013: Philanthropy by the numbers

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Maple Leaf

Issue 1- Summer 2013: Canada’s charities deserve better

Canada’s charitable sector is perhaps our great country’s most valuable resource. it places human decency and kindness above all else. it is not surprising, then, that it has reacted to the recent focus on its cost structure with politeness, diplomacy and tact. The sector…

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