Issue 2 – Fall 2013: Letter from Brad Offman

We are absolutely thrilled to be sending you the SECOND ISSUE of Mackenzie Strategic Philanthropy.

Each issue has a theme that addresses the practical needs of Canadian charities. In this issue, we examine the significant human resource issues facing the charitable sector – most notably, staff turnover. This issue continues to confound charitable boards, management, volunteers, funders and of course, the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who are employed by charities, both large and small.

The first step is to acknowledge the problem. Staff turnover affects an organization’s ability to function effectively and its ability to build and retain relationships with key stakeholders. The next is to identify steps that need to be taken in order to address the issue. The same folks that are confounded by the problem are also largely responsible for the solution. Sector leaders, especially boards and senior management, must take appropriate action.

This issue of Mackenzie Strategic Philanthropy addresses the issue of staff turnover from a number of different perspectives and relies on the insights of key leaders . From simple tips to overarching strategies, we hope to provide you with a variety of potential tools to address and mitigate the issue within your own organization.

You may also notice that you are now able to order hard copies of the publication for your board. Please refer to the link on the home page.

Feel free to spread the word about Mackenzie Strategic Philanthropy!

Brad Offman