Letter from Carol Bezaire

Welcome to the FOURTH issue of Mackenzie Strategic Philanthropy.

This edition deals with effective fundraising strategies for galas – those special events with a price that your audience considers to be a “big ticket.” They can be pretty exhausting to co-ordinate and deliver, so it’s a good plan to evaluate your efforts and make sure your gala is delivering the benefits you need. Looking at what works and what doesn’t work in changing economic times and among different demographics can help you decide what form your special event will take. As social and professional life become more casual and the traditional gala audience ages, for example, you may face the challenge of planning a suitable event for a younger, hipper audience. Examining every aspect of your gala will improve its ROI in future years. In this issue, we will examine a number of aspects that can help you evaluate your gala from all angles. Some of these are:

This issue addresses the trends and effectiveness of galas from a number of different perspectives, and relies on the insights of organizers, volunteers and guests. From simple tips to overarching strategies, we hope to provide you with a variety of tools to start, refresh or even replace the gala you may be planning now. If you would prefer hard copies of this publication, or want to catch up on our initial three issues for your board, please select the “Order printed copies” option on the home page of our website. Please spread the word about Mackenzie Strategic Philanthropy!